Executive Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Bruce Anderson has been my leadership coach and trusted advisor for 5 years. He has help me – become more self aware, recognize the strengths and short coming in my management style. He led me to understand how you have to learn others style and natural wiring so you can effectively communicate with them as well as understand how they might be approaching the situations.

Bruce’s approach to coaching is supportive, yet diagnostic. He questions to learn about the team involved and coupled with his diagnostic tools, helps guide you through issues. Since meeting Bruce, he has become a sounding board for every major career decision I make. I would recommend Bruce to any executive who wants to grow and be more successful in his career.
Jerrit Coward CEO U.S. Shale


I have worked with Bruce Anderson as my executive coach since 2007, as I transitioned from leading a team of 10 in a small consulting organization to currently leading a global division as president for a Fortune 100 company. He was masterful in helping me understand the ways that I needed to shift my approach to leading based on the size and complexity of the organization. I would recommend Bruce for anyone wanting to grow as a leader.Scott Reeves. President – Reservoir Development Services Baker Hughes


Business Owner
In coaching with Bruce, the bottom line is that I’ve been able to help the company grow, make more money and create happier clients.

I have a better understanding of myself and how I interact with my environment and with others.
I am better able to adapt to my environment and to deal with situations based on my own personality. I have tools to better manage my time and efforts on projects.
I am able to identify what I need to do better and to take clear and concrete steps working towards those goals. I am more productive and am not letting projects slip.
I am working better with young engineers. I have shifted from telling to teaching. I’m spending more time doing just-in-time teaching with young engineers and they are getting it.
My stress level is down a more pleasant to be around. I am not upset all the time. There are more people coming into my office to talk to me because I am more approachable.
John Burgess Managing Partner, Process Consulting Engineering Firm


Email from Colleague of Coaching Client who is an Operations Manager
“The type of self-assessment and professional change you have made through coaching is truly impressive.  I don’t think most people are capable of such a thing and I applaud you for it.  It is truly a pleasure to work with you.” Coaching Client is the Director of Maintenance for aviation company.