Our Resources

Thinking Partners uses a number of business coach resources in working with our clients. Here are their websites and other documents that may be of interest.


Integrative Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is a rich personality assessment which allows leaders to gain deep insight into their leadership style and unconscious dynamics that drive their behavior and success.

We are certified in the Integrative Enneagram Leadership assessment which provides a comprehensive 40+ page report which allows a leader to understand the best ways that they can develop for their current and future roles.

Here Bruce’s presentation on the Enneagram Personality Model and its use in coaching.

Leadership Agility 360

This is a new 360 degree feedback assessment based on the latest research on adult development. It gives leaders a path of development as a leader as they respond to more complex and interdependent aspects of organizations.
Certified 2011

Listen to Bruce’s Presentation on Leadership Agility


See www.changewise.biz for more information on Leadership Agility.

Leadership Emotional Intelligence Competencies
Research has clearly shown that Emotional Intelligence is directly related to one’s effectiveness of a leader.

Here is a listing of Leadership Emotional Intelligence competencies.

Coaching can enhance emotional intelligence by highlighting the need to practice certain skills on a day to day basis.

Here is an article by Dr. Goleman, the pioneer in Emotional Intelligence.

Coaching Organizations

The International Coach Federation has 16000 members throughout the world. We are certified as Master Certified Coaches. We also serve as assessors for those seeking certification by the ICF.

Houston Coaches, a chapter of ICF.

We graduates of the Newfield Network Advance Coaching Training program called The Foundations of Ontological Learning.