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Criteria for Finding an  External Coach

Looking for an external resource can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when looking for a coach. We’ve been coaching for over 20 years and have seen coaching emerge as a recognized valuable professional service. And there are so many different types of people calling themselves a coach, it is hard to make a clear distinction.

Here are some questions that may be useful in selecting a coach for your organization.

  • Do they have a business background? They don’t have to have experience in your industry but they should be able to have meaningful business discussions with clients about their world.
  •  Are they trained in coaching? Coaching is a distinctive discipline and requires great deal of learning to be effective. Experience in advice giving does not qualify one to be a coach. There are many coaching training companies that have emerged over the last two decades. Look for ones that are certified by the International Coaches Federation.
  • Do they have solid coaching experience? How long have they been coaching? What types of people in what types of situations have they coached? Check out their LinkedIn profile.
  • Are they certified by the International Coaches Federation? Many training companies used the term “certified” for their graduates. This does not mean that they  have gone though the rigorous certification process of a global professional organization for coaches such as the ICF.
  • What is their approach to coaching? Are they psychologically based? What kind of models and assessments do they use? Are they more interested in development or behavioral change? Or both? Are they strictly about goal achievement? How do they handle remedial situations? What is their process for meeting the prospective client and for beginning a coaching engagement?
  •  Do they have clarity on how they will work with you as an internal staff representative in the process? What about confidentiality protocols? Do they match yours?

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