Representative Engagements with CEO’s and Business Owners

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Resolving interpersonal relationship issues.

CLIENT: President of $50M fuel storage company.

THE NEED: Client was having difficulty in working with the private equity owner and over reacting to what he felt was intrusive initiatives.

THE RESULT: Coaching focused first on understanding his personality dynamics and what hot buttons were triggered and why communications from owners were so upsetting. Client learned to step back and respond appropriately rather than to react. He developed communication skills calling for more inquiry rather than selling and advocating in order to get others’ perspectives. He was able to manage the situation, remain with the firm and significantly benefit from a liquidity event.


LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Expanding Executive’s leadership skill set.

CLIENT: SVP Treasurer. $1B oil field service company.

THE NEED: Client, while technically competent, had very poor communications skills and presence in his day to day interactions. His pattern of soft speech was compounded by a foreign accent making it hard for others to hear him. He was physically contained, almost invisible to others and easily discounted.

THE RESULT: Worked with the client for six months with self discovery processes and skills building in the area of communications and presence. Worked on body presence at martial arts studio. Work on voice projection and accent reduction. Result was transformational, shifting his whole way of being in his day to day work. He was promoted with greater responsibilities.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Creating new company vision and systems for new organizational structure.

CLIENT: President of small $200M division of $6B oil field services company.

THE NEED: Client was charged with bringing internationally and technically disparate technical services functions into one new cohesive organization sufficiently branded to the larger organization to see significant value added thus increasing total sales. Client went from managing 10 employees to 1,200 all of the world. He needed to provide a vision, be inspirational, and to align stakeholders.

THE RESULT: Worked with client to create and communicate vision for the new organization. Worked on communication and empowering skills to employ with his team and the rest of the organization. Took team through various development processes. Major change management dynamics were at play due to reorganization. The new organization is beginning its second year with significantly improved brand and the organization is being led effectively.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Assisting in White Knight rescue of company.

CLIENT: President $100M manufacturing company.

THE NEED: This $100M manufacturing company was in deep trouble. Third generation family owners were sucking money from the company in the midst of a 50% down turn in business. Client was brought in as president to turn company around or at least reduce liability of family should there be a need for bankruptcy. Client engaged me to help him navigate the political dynamics and to support him in major change efforts. Having worked with him in the past, I was a trusted advisor and sounding board for dealing with the family and the changes.

THE RESULT: Company was sold to another firm after 15 months with no liabilities sustained by the family.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Coordinating the integration of new leader with team.

CLIENT: President $1B division of $2B construction company

THE NEED: Client was newly appointed to position of much greater responsibility. There was a need to pull together team and to work on strategy and operational issues.

THE RESULT: Explored client’s natural leadership style and identified strengths and developmental needs. Focused on maximizing his strategic thinking and improving his financial and operational acumen. Worked with his team to create strategy and to enhance interrelationships using assessments and team processes. Organization reacted positively to changes and met objectives.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Expanding Director’s leadership skill set.

CLIENT: Director of Primary Physician Residency Program for major hospital system.

THE NEED: Physician Director was an excellent clinician and teacher and highly respected within the organization. His leadership style was too accommodating, making it hard for him to be a forceful leader and to make tough decisions regarding personnel.

THE RESULT: Guided him through personal exploration to determine personality drivers and barriers to success. At end of a six month engagement client was able to transcend being “nice” to being effective in his leadership by making the decisions necessary for the organization’s success.

LEADERSHIP TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Overhauling dysfunctional leadership team.

THE CLIENT: Executive Team- Offshore Engineering Consulting firm.

THE NEED: Brought in by president to work with highly dysfunctional leadership team. Team members were working at cross purposes with a lot of blaming and faultfinding. The company was not growing.

RESULT: This was 10-month engagement where I coached the team as well as the president. Took them through the “5 Dysfunctions of a Team Process.” as well a strategic planning process to improve their focus, alignment, ability to collaborate and to build trust. The result is that the team is now fully functional and aligned and is on track to meet their business objectives as defined by the strategic plan.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Expanding Physician Leader’s leadership skill set.

CLIENT: Director of Cancer Center at major Texas university

THE NEED: Physician leader was viewed as abusive in his leadership style making it extremely hard to bring disparate stakeholders together to implement multi-million-dollar grant application to NIH.

THE RESULT: Worked with client for a year to shift his approach to leadership and to orchestrate this massive project. Through personality assessment, 360-degree feedback and various coaching processes, he was able to understand the impact of his negative style on his potential for success and to make appropriate changes. The grant application was submitted and the NIH approved it.


CLIENT: Board of Directors for $2 Billion Public Company

THE NEED: The company had no process in place for the selection of the next CEO and the incumbent’s s departure imminent.

THE RESULT: I was asked to develop the criteria and take them through the selection process for internal candidates. I wrote the criteria and set up a 360-degree feedback process to assess candidates. Each candidate made application and presented a personal leadership development plan based on the 360 process and shared their vision for the company. Six executives went through the process.

LEADERSHIP COACHING ENGAGEMENT: Expanding VP’s leadership skill set.

CLIENT: Hospital Housekeeping Maintenance Company with 300 hospitals.

THE NEED: VP Operations experienced major employee relations problems due to aggressive, perfectionistic, relentless task oriented style. His stern, gruff, no- nonsense approach was turning off both clients and employees.

THE RESULT: Work with client for six months, using EQ and other methodologies to shift his style to be more sensitive and people oriented while maintaining his high standards for performance. He reduced employee turnover and significantly improved client relations.