Leadership Team Development Leads to
World Class Performance and Results

Thinking Partners can positively impact your business in successfully achieving its goals by increasing the effectiveness of your leadership team and each leader on the team.

We start by evaluating the effectiveness of each team member as a leader and as well as how effectively the team members work together as a team.

We would like to meet with you to get acquainted and discuss how we can work together. Our work is customized based on the needs of the leaders and what is best for team improvement.

Leader Assessment

We work with the leaders to customize a 360 stakeholder survey to see how best positively impact their leadership capabilities.   Team members assess each other as peers and have their direct reports also assess them.

Team Assessment

We are certified to use the Integrative9 enneagram team assessment to provide insight on the team personality style make-up. This powerful tool combined with a team workshop provides a strong foundation for a team’s understanding of their communication styles, work styles, blindspots and potential areas of conflict.

Individuals on a leadership team can all be good leaders, and yet the team can still not be a high performing team. All too frequently individuals are brought together to manage something, but they don’t discuss how the team is going to function and how everyone is going to work together.

We use the Five Dysfunctions of a Team  as an executive team development model to assess and improve the functioning of the team. This process leverages the team enneagram assessment and focuses on

  • Building Trust
  • Managing Conflict
  • Making Commitments
  • Accountability
  • Results

Leader Development Planning

Thinking Partners works with each leader to identify areas for improvement based on the stakeholder feedback and then assists them in  creating of an developmental plan. Team members then share their plan with others on the team so that they can be supported in improving their leadership skills.

Team Development Planning

Thinking Partners works with the team in reviewing the Team Assessment results and helps the team determine what additional team development processes need to be in place to bring the team to optimal performance in service to the organization’s business objectives. This may include building trust using a personality assessment tool, developing team interactive guidelines to insure that robust productive meetings are held, and strategic planning focus on business results.

Off-Site Facilitation

In addition to team development, we are often engaged to facilitate executive team meetings. We can facilitate team development processes, strategic planning initiatives and focused conversations designed to move a team and organization forward toward achieving strategic goals.