Business Coach in Houston

Anyone in business can benefit from working with a business coach in Houston, Texas from Thinking Partners. Whether your team is not producing the results you want, or you want to fine tune your leadership skills, Thinking Partners is a professional leadership coaching firm that specializes in making business professionals better, more effective leaders through the teaching of integral leadership principles. No matter what kind of business you might be in and no matter what kind of results you’re already producing, Thinking Partners has a business coach in Houston who can help you and your team break through plateaus by teaching you methods of integral leadership that you can apply in your professional life.

Effective integral leadership requires the ability to see problems and potential solutions from all sides and all angles. One way we can help you become a more effective leader who can see problems and solutions from all angles is by performing a Team Checkup. Just like a medical check up that you would get to examine your physical health, Thinking Partners offers Team Checkups to examine the health and current state of your team. An experienced business coach in Houston will meet with your team and help you determine your team’s current strengths and weaknesses, and then will provide simple and practical steps for improvement based on integral leadership principles.

Perhaps your team is motivated, but there’s a breakdown in communication that leads to poor or sloppy work. Perhaps your team communicates, but you or your subordinates have trouble with delegation. Perhaps the issue is with time management or interpersonal relationships. No matter what may be preventing you and your team from being as efficient and effective as possible, a Team Checkup from Thinking Partners is the best way to figure out where the problems are and the best way to address those problems.

Where many business leaders fail in their efforts to improve business efficiency and effectiveness is by focusing only on improving themselves as leaders or focusing only on improving their team. At Thinking Partners, we believe that leaders and team members must work cohesively for the best results – which is why we encourage clients to work with a business coach in Houston who can address both sides of the business equation.

When you work with Thinking Partners, we start by having each member of your team complete an anonymous survey that covers their personal thoughts about the team, where they think the team’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how they think improvements should be made. From there, we work with you and your team directly using time tested strategies and exercises to transform your team from the one it is today to one that’s a shining example of excellence in business.

Thinking Partners is owned and operated by a pair of professional business and leadership development coaches with several decades and thousands of hours of coaching experience between them – Judith O’Connor and Bruce Anderson. Whether you need a business coach in Houston or anywhere else in the country, the experienced team behind Thinking Partners has the kind of knowledge and proven track record that you want on your side as you learn the art of integral leadership.

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