Bruce Anderson talks about his coaching philosophy and coaching practice on Lone Star radio.

This will give you a real sense of what Bruce’s approach is to coaching.


      The Weekly Business Hour Audacity - Bruce Anderson Interview Lone Star


Bruce Anderson talks about leadership during radio interview.

Interview with Scott Cluthe and Sandy Vilas at Postively Incorrect on Blog Talk Radio.

Scott, our host, and Sandy, the president of Coachu, and Bruce talk about leadership. it is helpful for you to have The Leadership Mastery Map website up as you listen to the interview.

Part 1 Introduction and our approach to coaching leaders. (6 min)



Part 2 The Leadership Mastery Map and Leadership. (6 min)



Part 3 Leaders and the younger generation. (3 min)



Part 4 Leading through change and crisis. (6 min)



Part 5 How leaders impact the culture. (5 min)



Part 6 Leaders inner awareness and using the LMM in staff meetings.(6 min)


Bruce M. Anderson,
Houston Business Coach