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Using Power versus Force

Judith speaks at Woman’s Executive Group at Shell Oil Corporation on Using Power versus Force


Conversation among masters

Bruce and Judith attend international meeting of CONVERSATION AMONG MASTERS. This is an annual meeting of top 200 coaches in the country.


What It Takes To Lead During a Crisis

Bruce speaks on What It Takes To Lead During a Crisis at the Silver  Fox Advisors Lunch and Learn program. He introduced the Leadership Agility model of leadership development.


Leadership in the 21st Century-The Feminine Advantage

Leadership in the 21st CenturyThe Feminine Advantage

Judith speaks at the Woman’s Finance Exchange in Houston-May 16, 2008

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Bruce and Judith attend the Strozzi Institute

Bruce and Judith attend the Strozzi Institute for advanced coaching training called Somatic Coaching, as part of the continuous upgrading of our skills and offerings. October 2007 and February 2008.

The Strozzi Institute, located in Petaluma, Ca. offers leading edge programs for leaders and coaches.


Bruce attends a SAVI workshop

Bruce attends a SAVI workshop, System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction.      Oct 2007.

SAVI® (pronounced “savvy”), is a communication tool that helps people understand the invisible yet powerful forces affecting communication with others. This is a very useful tool in working with coaching clients.


Publication of a new learning website

Thinking Partners, Inc., The Leadership Coaching Company, announces the publication of a new learning website,

The Leadership Mastery Map.

On this site you can learn what we have learned as coaches to leaders in numerous organizations, industries and disciplines. Taken from past issues of the Exceptional Leader newsletter as well as other sources, this site is a portal to learning about leadership on the web.


Bruce Anderson and David Steitz Present to Houston Coaches Network

Bruce Anderson and David Steitz Present to Houston Coaches Network

January 8, 2007

Dave Steitz with Steitz Partners and Bruce told coaching stories. Dave focuses on small businesses and told stories that show how coaching can impact the business success of small companies while helping owners become more satisfied and effective in their work.

Bruce discussed leadership coaching engagements in larger companies looking at one case where the leader was too accommodating and another where the leader was too intimidating.


Thinking Partners Sponsors Greater Houston Partnership Luncheon

Thinking Partners Sponsors Greater Houston Partnership Luncheon
November 9, 2006

Michael Holthouse, founder of Paranet and Houston philanthropist, discussed elements of leadership and how it impacts a companie’s culture. His primary message was that emotional intelligence, relating skills, was the key determining factor in leadership success. He is now chairman of Prepared 4 Life, a non profit organization that empowers members to become contributing members of society through asset-based, experiential after-school programs.


Judith introduces Dr. Robert M. Stein

Judith introduces Dr. Robert M. Stein, Rice University at Leadership

Houston’s Government Day  October 5, 2006

The day included a tour of City Hall by Xavier Herrera and Veronica Hernandez.  I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Robert M. Stein, the Lena Gohlman Fox Professor of Political Science, Rice University and a expert on urban political and public policy.  Dr. Stein brought life to his topic:  Local Governance and Trends in Texas Politics.

Judge Robert Eckels, Harris County Commissioner’s Court spoke about Institutionalizing Leadership and the Honorable Mayor of Houston; Mr. Bill White brought the class up to date about what he considered important trends and the state of City of Houston today.  The day ended with Christina Cabral, Director of the Office of Boards & Commissions of the City of Houston, educating us on how best to access civic engagement by being involved on City Boards and Commissions.


Bruce attends Birkman International Conference

Bruce attends Birkman International Conference in Houston October 6, 2006

Birkman consultants came from all over the world to learn more about using the Birkman Method. I found their new 360 Degree Feedback Report, which can be integrated with an individual’s Birkman report result, particularly interesting. We will begin using it with our clients.

In sitting next to Roger Birkman at the banquet, I learned that the 87 year old Chairman and founder comes into the office each day, fully engaged in creating more value for clients and colleagues. He also works out at the Houstonian five days a week.



Motivating Employees To Achieve The Strategic Plan

Bruce Presents to Silver Fox Summit September 27, 2006

Learn 5 ways to personally motivate employees.

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Coaching: An Emerging Professional Service

Bruce presents to The Whitehall Club, River Oaks Country Club August 25, 2006

A review of the evolving professional service of coaching, history, basic concepts and practice.

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The Enneagram

Bruce and Judith are conducting a 3 hour workshop on The Enneagram and Coaching for the Houston Coaches ICF Chapter on November 4th. Please go to Houston Coaches Events to learn more.