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Our work balances self-knowledge with bold action to enhance performance and organizational profitability. Leaders hire us to help develop awareness and design actions. They want to excel and make things happen. We are founding members and Master Certified Coaches of the International Coach Federation. We have trained more than 40 coaches and spent over 10,000 hours coaching clients. Bruce M. Anderson is a founding member of Coach University. Clients identify both our extensive business experience and our broad coaching skills as distinguishing benefits of working with Thinking Partners. Before becoming coaches, we held executive positions in Fortune 50 corporations, non-profit organizations, career transition consulting, energy, manufacturing, banking and entrepreneurial ventures. Our clients often say that they can “talk shorthand” to Thinking Partners, who “have been there, done that.” We give frequent speeches and lead workshops at local, national and international coaching and business conferences.

Houston Executive Coaching

Integral leaders are big picture thinkers. Integral leaders see a situation from all angles – which includes an ability to see situations through a lens of their own inner values, beliefs, and internal dynamics. When it is time to evaluate and make decisions, the “individual interior subjective” quadrant of the four quadrant leadership model must be taken into consideration by those who want to excel at integral leadership. Thinking Partners, Inc. is a professional Houston business consulting firm offering one-on-one and group integral leadership coaching for anyone in business who wants to learn more about how integral leadership can help their bottom line in business as well as their personal life. Although based in Houston, Texas we coach clients all over the country in integral leadership skills.

Watch the news on any given night and you will no doubt find examples of individuals who ignored their true values and proceeded to make decisions which compromised those values only to become a cautionary tale for the rest of us. Although it is true that not every instance of compromising your values and beliefs will result in drastic consequences, we’ve seen first hand how blindness toward one’s internal dynamics can end up costing money, business, and personal reputation.

Thinking Partners, Inc., is the premier Houston business consulting and leadership coaching firm. We offer Houston business consulting for business professionals and corporate executives throughout the country who want to become more effective and more efficient integral leaders. Time and time again, our leadership coaches meet professionals and executives in leadership positions who realize through our local Houston business consulting and our consulting in other cities that they’ve been looking at situations all wrong. They come to realize that they have failed at taking a step back and attempting to view situations from all angles – the way integral leadership teaches. With instruction in integral leadership provided by Thinking Partners, Inc., clients learn how to recognize the link between values / beliefs and personal leadership style, which further helps determine if they are leading from the inner core beliefs or leading from social pressures that abandon the inner values and beliefs that they know they should be following.

By the time our clients complete training by our Houston business consulting firm’s team of integral leadership experts, they have a clear and deep understanding of their values, a clarity about their beliefs, an awareness for how mood affects their behavior, an understanding of how to modify their behavior in light of given challenges, and an understanding of how one’s worldview can affect how they think and act. When they can operate with a knowledge and understanding of where their values and beliefs lie, executives and managers can more clearly define their ambitions – both professional and personal.

Houston business consulting is offered by Thinking Partners, Inc. for individuals who want individualized integral leadership coaching and for corporations who want to sponsor integral leadership coaching events for teams of executives and managers. No matter the type of business your organization is in, and no matter how many executives and managers need coaching, Thinking Partners, Inc. has the experience and coaches to help you or your personnel become more effective and efficient in every aspect of leadership. For more information on how to schedule an integral leadership coaching session with Thinking Partners, Inc., click here.