Strategic Planning in Houston, Texas

Thinking Partners uses the Shared Strategic Planning Process developed by the Institute for  Cultural Affairs.

  • The strategic planning process is solutions oriented. It is aimed entirely at positive outcome-no blaming and no useless conflict.
  • It deals with obstacles, identifying and converting possible hurdles into windows of opportunity. The process handles those current realities that threaten to derail the achievement of the Practical Vision.
  • Strategy rules. Every action is integrated and grounded in the long view.
  • It gets you into action, with a 90-Day Action Plan, which includes who, what, how, why, and at what cost.

ICA Chart

Phase Rational Objective Experiential Objective Focus Question Organizing Principle
Vision Workshop Identify groups hopes and dreams To feel a common vision of the future What do we want to see in place in the next five year? Similar Accomplishments
Contradiction Workshop Identify Obstacles to our vision To feel we have identified the real issues What is blocking us moving toward our vision? Common root causes to the obstacles
Strategic Directions Workshop Identify what we need to DO this year Excitement at next, practical possibilities What will unblock us so we can move toward our vision? Actions with similar intent

If you are interested in Strategic Planning

We will set a time to go over your objectives. The strategic planning process is highly customizable based on your needs. It can be done during an off-site, or over a period of a few weeks. We find that clients are incredibly pressed for time and we are flexible. The key thing is to create a high aggressive implementation plan. The last thing you want is for the plan to be over ridden by day to day demands and it ends up just sitting on a shelve.

What Else Should You Know?

The planning process was forged in big-city ghettoes in the U.S. and whole villages in Africa and Asia, facilitating outstanding results in underdeveloped communities. These results got the attention of business and industry leaders. The outcome: A planning process that works exquisitely in any organization, from service companies to factories to non-profits. To learn more go to ICA

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