Judith M. O’Connor: Houston Business Coach

MCCLogowebresize_001Coaching is a personal relationship, based on trust and respect, and often leavened with humor.  I work with executives, business owners and emerging leaders to create and sustain their competitive advantage by leveraging their most important asset-THEMSELVES.  Sometimes this involves not taking oneself so seriously.  Sometimes it incorporates taking other people more seriously.  My clients learn to respond thoughtfully to life’s challenges as opportunities, to connect authentically with others, and to lead in a way that intentionally and positively influences both outcomes and people.  All people bring gifts to the world.  My clients explore what theirs are, and how their behaviors nurture or obscure those gifts.

Education and Affiliations:

  • BS in Business from Salem State University, Massachusetts
  • M. Ed. In Secondary Education from Boston State University
  • Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Member Board of Directors, Leadership Houston
  • Certified Spiritual Director, and Enneagram Teacher
  • Graduate of Leadership Houston, West Houston Leadership Institute and Leadership Texas
  • Founded the predecessor firm to Thinking Partners in 1996
  • CEO of Escape Family Resource Center
  • Management positions with General Electric Medical Group and United Technologies.
  • Director first secretarial school in Tehran, Iran
  • Taught high school during the integration of the Boston City School System

Personal Background:

For me, as for many of my clients, I had taken a lot in life for granted until things went wrong. In 1985-86, my husband died of cancer, my father passed away unexpectedly, and I had to have back surgery. To top it off, my job was relocated to another city. What I did know was that I needed to make sense of my life, and I could not do it alone, because I did not know who I was. This had not occurred to me when all was going well, but all of a sudden, emotionally alone, physically and financially vulnerable, that fact was very clear to me.

There were no professional coaches then. I sought out professional and spiritual mentors to help me make sense of my life and was blessed by insightful people at an important time. Those pivotal years of 1985-86 were the catalyst for a new, more conscious spiritual journey. My spiritual mentors helped me realize that I was not alone; I was a child of God. Today my roots are solid and deep and able to support me in difficult times. My professional mentors helped me establish goals. They held me accountable when I faltered; held out possibility when I doubted and cheered me when I achieved.

Now I am a Master Certified Coach and Certified Spiritual Director working to give to others what I have so richly received. Together, we make sense of and celebrate the gifts they bring to the world and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Both as a certified coach and as a spiritual director, I work with clients to create a safe place where they can integrate their gifts into a fuller and more fulfilling life.

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