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Welcome to Thinking Partners, a leadership coaching company. We provide leadership coaching services in both public and privately held businesses throughout the United States. Our coaching services include:

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Our work balances self-knowledge with bold action to enhance performance and organizational profitability. Leaders hire us to help develop awareness and design actions. They want to excel and make things happen. We are founding members and Master Certified Coaches of the International Coach Federation. We have trained more than 40 coaches and spent over 10,000 hours coaching clients. Bruce M. Anderson is a founding member of Coach University. Judith M. O’Connor is also a certified Spiritual Director from the Cenacle Retreat House in Houston, Texas. Clients identify both our extensive business experience and our broad coaching skills as distinguishing benefits of working with Thinking Partners. Before becoming coaches, we held executive positions in Fortune 50 corporations, non-profit organizations, career transition consulting, energy, manufacturing, banking and entrepreneurial ventures. Our clients often say that they can “talk shorthand” to Thinking Partners, who “have been there, done that.” We give frequent speeches and lead workshops at local, national and international coaching and business conferences. Contact Houston Executive Coach Bruce M. Anderson Contact Houston Business Coach Judith M. O’Connor

Houston Executive Coaching

The world of modern business is more competitive than it has ever been before ‑ and professional business leaders need every edge they can get in order to compete in the landscape of modern business. That’s where Thinking Partners’ Houston executive coaching can help. Thinking Partners is an experienced executive leadership coaching service offering Houston area executive coaching for professionals in the public and private sector.

As experts in executive coaching, Thinking Partners offers a wide range of business related coaching programs in the areas of leadership, team development, strategic planning, and executive career consulting. Our entire offering of business related coaching services is aimed at helping executives become more effective, efficient, and valuable business leaders.

When it comes to Houston executive coaching, Thinking Partners is a true executive coaching leader with the experience and credentials necessary to help anyone, in any industry, become a better leader. Thinking Partners has trained dozens of coaches and has spent over 10,000 hours coaching professional clients. We have real experience in the world of business that allows us not only to relate better to our clients, but also to communicate our vision, advice, and consultations more effectively. In addition to the coaching that we offer, we regularly give talks around the state and around the nation on topics related to business leadership.

The driving force behind Thinking Partners is Bruce M. Anderson and Judith M. O’Connor. Anderson is one of the founding members of Coach University, and O’Connor is a Master Certified Coach and Certified Spiritual Director. Prior to forming Thinking Partners, both Anderson and O’Connor worked as executive leaders in Fortune 50 companies, charity organizations, and several start up businesses. Together, they combine years of professional experience and over a dozen professional certifications to offer effective training programs for anyone who wants to be a better leader and more successful business professional.

Whether you’re in the private sector or public sector, whether a long established industry leader or eager start up, Thinking Partners is your solution for business leadership coaching. Our Houston business coaches work closely with clients to offer them the customized service and personalized attention that they deserve. Get in touch with Thinking Partners today to speak with one of our Houston area business coaches about executive coaching in the Houston area. When you invest in professional Houston business coaches for yourself or your employees, you make a direct investment in the future success of your business and in your business’ bottom line.